Digital Designer.
Communication Design
@ Parsons.


My thesis project from Parsons.

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Attention-Retention Typeface

Speculative typeface that employs high-stimulation video to keep the attention of an increasingly distracted generation of readers

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Subway Surfers Chrome Extension

Chrome extension that adds a subway surfers stream onto the browser to help you focus. Made as a joke but then I started actually using it...

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Bionic Type Chrome Extension

Chrome extension that allows users to read faster by rendering paragraph text as bionic type. Based off of Renato Casuut's theory of bionic reading.

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Digital Design @ Parsons

Various artifacts designed for DD@P, a student group I organized. Founded on the principle of community-led design education, many of our graphics were designed collectively, as a sort of 'digital-exquisite-corpse' experiment.

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Tadanori Yokoo Design Archive

Interactive database of Tadanori Yokoo's graphic work from 1961-1981.

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American Affairs

Generative brand identity for a quarterly financial journal. Each bar represents a week of stock market activity. As a quarterly journal, the logo reflects the movement of the stock market since the previous issue.

Conspiracy Theory Generator

In case you run out of real ones!

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